Sketch London: Why You Must Visit


Sketch London: Why You Must Visit

I've visited London a few times. This time was a little special: our honeymoon. Close to the top of the list wasn't Abbey Road (it was close), or the London Eye. It was Sketch London. What is Sketch London? Why you must visit? That was my question exactly. The first thing I was told is that it was one of the "Most Instagrammable Places in London." I can see why. You have to make reservations for afternoon tea at Sketch London months in advance. I can see why. Not only is Sketch London known for their tea, but depending on who you ask, the Sketch London bathroom is essentially famous. Go for the tea but stay for the Sketch toilets.  

Photo: Sketch London

Sketch is comprised of 5 rooms that are all decorated with different themes, each more amazing than the last. The only one where you can have afternoon tea, the cornerstone of British tradition, is the Gallery room. This room is as gorgeous in person as we had imagined from the photographs. David Shrigley designed, from the art on the walls to the tongue in check porcelain tea sets, this space is everything. Fun fact: David Shrigley created the 23-foot sculpture in Trafalgar Square, 'Really Good'.

Everything in the Gallery Room is plush and perfectly decorated. The tile in here was insane, the gold accents were luxe; And, even though we are essentially two people who eat hot dogs for dinner, for just a moment, we were transported. 

sketch london the gallery room
sketch london wall

The tea started out with a wide array of delicious white, black and fruit teas; or, if you're fancy, you can opt for the champagne option. We were not feeling fancy, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't! The waiters and staff all wear monochromatic jumpsuits, while also looking hopelessly cool. Basically, everyone was a model in there, all with an array of fun indistinguishable European accents. Are they French? Are they Swedish? British? I don't know, but they were all very nice and seemed to love being there. Especially, the caviar man ... yes. I said the caviar man. He was impeccably dressed, informative and gave us a little bit of Sevruga caviar on one of those little pearl spoons. The starter was the egg custard and soldiers with caviar.  Maybe it was the ambiance and the swell of all the luxe velvet, marble, and gold in the room, but we felt incredibly posh and it was delicious.

sketch london tea set
sketch starter egg caviar london.jpg

Once you're done swooning and before you can even think that you might like more, they drop over this tower of pastries, finger sandwiches, and desserts. Every single thing was scrumptious. Our favorites were the Coronation Chicken sandwiches and parfait. Once you've devoured the tower of treats, you're given scones with cream and jam and then yet another dessert cart is wheeled past you! We were so full we opted out, but everything looked heavenly. Overall, everything was delectable and the experience was one of a kind.

sketch london pastries sandwhiches.jpg
sketch london sandwhiches.jpg

We can't end this post without again mentioning the Sketch bathroom. You may have seen these on instagram, but seeing is believing. I don't know how, or why, or who came up with this concept, but give them a round of applause, because they managed to make the restroom a really fun experience. Egg shaped toilets and all!

sketch bathroom london

If you are going to London, which I would highly recommend, and you want to have an afternoon tea (or any meal & drinks), definitely stop by sketch for a one of a kind experience. It will not disappoint!

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