Real Life Mario Kart in Tokyo


One of the most anticipated adventures planned was to drive go karts. Specifically, playing a game of real life Mario Kart in Tokyo. Now we couldn't throw banana peels at each other like the game, but this was pretty close. 


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We solicited the services of Akiba Kart in Akihabara. We opted for the Mario Kart-esque headwear, as it was really humid (turns out September is really humid in Tokyo) and we didn't have it in us to go full Mario.  I purchased a Go-Pro rental. Don't be like me and wear it on your head, it points slightly up, and you'll see from the video that...well I got some great video of the Tokyo sky.


There was little instruction...or seat belts. We were paired with a few guys from Canada. So there were a total of 5 karts in our caravan. You are immediately in Tokyo traffic. In fact I got separated from the pack and was stuck behind a bus at a stop light. What surprised me is that so people on the street found it exciting. At almost every turn and corner, people were watching in amazement, taking photos, and giving out high fives. I would have assumed they saw this every day, but I guess a squad of Mario characters never gets old. The 2 hours went by pretty fast, but I think it was a good amount of time. Unless you are a daredevil of course. Add some real life Mario Kart to your list the next time you travel to, or are in Tokyo!

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