Trying McDonald's in Seoul


I do whatever anyone would do when visiting a new country: visit the local McDonald’s. Ok maybe not everyone does that, or anyone does that really. Well, besides me anyway. On my trip to Seoul, Korea I did just that: trying McDonald’s in Seoul so you don’t have to, but should. Ok, let’s eat!

The Bulgogi Burger

I made two McDonald’s excursions, just to be extra sure I was getting the full experience. On my first trip I tried the Bulgogi Burger. I frequently eat bulgogi in Los Angeles, so I assume that makes me an expert on all bulgogi based foods around the world.

The bulgogi sauce the beef (or pork wasn’t 100% sure) was marinated in had a “bulgogi-adjacent” taste, and was a bit messy. However it was a very dense burger which I generally enjoy. I wouldn’t run back into it’s loving arms but I would give it another go for sure. That is, if they didn’t discontinue it in 2017 due to illnessess allegedly connected to the burger.

The 1955 Burger

My seconds round at a Seoul McDonald’s I played it cool. I went with the 1995 Burger. It’s Korea’s version of the classic 1955 McDonald’s burger. It consists of Beef, Cheese, BBQ Sauce, Bacon, Lettuce, Onion, Tomato and Bun. I went with the no cheese version. It was a solid, traditional burger as far as McDonald’s is concerned. I found myself figuring out what was on it along the way, spoiler free!

Watch the video below of my experience trying McDonald’s in Seoul!