The Old Los Angeles Zoo


I made a trip to the Old Los Angeles Zoo, aka the Old LA Zoo, aka the Griffith Park Zoo a few years ago. However after the Ghost Town Podcast episode on the Old LA Zoo, I was compelled to give it another visit.

Photo: Ghost Town Travels

Photo: Ghost Town Travels

For a little history on the Zoo, you could of course, and should, check out the aforementioned podcast episode. Otherwise, our friend Wikipedia can pick up the slack:

"The Griffith Park Zoo was a city-owned zoo in Los Angeles, California that opened in 1912 and closed in 1966 with the opening of the Los Angeles Zoo. The abandoned site of the Griffith Park Zoo, complete with the ruins of animal enclosures, is now a picnic area and hiking trail in Griffith Park."

Oh yeah, it’s also haunted.

If you would like a video tour, look no further:

There are various walkways and pathways filled with graffiti, and what I imagine were the animal viewings took place. Picnic tables are set up in case you want to picnic alone (which is fine not that I would know...), or with friends and/family.

If you are a fan of movie/tv locations, Anchorman is one of the many movies that have been filmed here. 

If you are visiting Los Angeles, you might find yourself at Griffith Park. If you find yourself at Griffith Park, make your way over to the Old LA Zoo!