The I Feel Fantastic Video Mystery

The I Feel Fantastic Video Mystery

In 2009, a strange and mysterious video I Feel Fantastic was uploaded to YouTube that has lead to conspiracy theories of a possible murder.

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I Feel Fantastic was originally uploaded by a user named Creepyblog and remains the only upload of the user. In the description of the video, the uploader says that he is friends with Bergeron and that he created this video to try to be a pioneer in the robotics and music industry.

Tara the Android is a singing Android that was built by John Bergeron in 2004 but discontinued in 2006. The song you just heard is Tara, who sings the little song called "I Feel Fantastic." The other song mentioned in the original title was originally uploaded as "Feel Fantastic," along with the other songs mentioned earlier, all of which I mentioned.

Internet sleepers began to do snooping and concluded that Tara the Android was the creation of a John Bergeron. After killing the woman, Tara, he took her clothes and other essentials and turned her into a tara.

Using the little information available from the website, Bergeron built Tara from materials that allegedly included dentist training and mannequins, making her the world's first android music star. Tara was worth $2,000 and he planned to make her the 'first android star ever'.

This theory is the logical one and takes away the creepy element from Tara and her creator, but it goes further. It is said that unlike any other video ever posted on the YouTube channel, Tara murdered her creators after reaching a state of self-consciousness. This theory goes further and expands the mythology of Tara, leading to the theory that she became self-conscious and killed her creators. With Tara, it seems she was someone who was really robotic and just happened to be creepy.

It may seem like a stretch to think that Tara has traveled to space and made a music video there, but it is a much greater stretch to believe that Tara is behaving like a dead woman in makeup than if she were just a robot.

Of course, the name Creepyblog makes the creepiness seem self-conscious, but it is important that the user does not personally acknowledge the video. It seems that the video "I Feel Fantastic" suggests that Tara and her construction have parallels to the ancient Greek myth of Pygmalion, with her creator portrayed as a sculptor trying to achieve perfection by creating an android. The parallels between the myth and the videos are obvious and are clearly intended to fuel the idea that the creator of this robot piece is crazy or at least extremely eccentric.

This often cited link leads to a roughly designed android forum of Bergeron, where Tara is listed as a small android project. The site also contains five videos of Tara, presumably the clip "I Feel Fantastic," but the link is dead, and it contains all five Tara videos (presumably all) and the video itself. This page also contains a link to this page, which probably contains the clip "I feel fantastic," but that link has been dead for some time, as has the rest of the content on this page. These pages also contain a list of all websites, including all four of their videos. But the links are dead and contain no information about the videos themselves, except a brief mention of a video clip.

The story assumes that the android is a woman who was killed and buried there, and the video is based on a website called AndroidWorld, where "Tara the Android" is attributed to a man named John Bergeron. After a while, the Internet began to form a series of theories about the origins of Tara's videos, the most popular of which was that they were the sick way of a killer to make a joke. When they were filming Tara's videos, some suspected that he was taunting viewers with hints about the fate of the real Tara, or that he was later responsible for killing Tara and was trying to entangle himself in all of this. The creator of this android was actually the murderer, but the creators of all these androids were actually the murderers