Trying McDonald’s in Tokyo


Fast food in the United States is synonymous with food in the United States. Fast food places are everywhere. You can find them on most intersections, the center of town, conveniently located off highway exits, or pretty much anywhere. There are the major players of the fast food heirarchy, and there are the more regional chains. The point is, you don’t need to find fast food, it finds you.

I know too well what a McDonald’s in New Jersey tastes like, or a Burger King in California tastes like. As far as I can tell in my travels, you can find your fair share of fast food outside the US of A. In fact, I make a point of going to McDonald’s in every country I visit. The question is, what does fast food taste like outside the US? How do the menus differ? Do they embrace the legacy of major fast food chains, or do they make it their own?

I’ve done the “hard work” of trying fast food international, for you. Because I care. Trying McDonald’s in Tokyo was on my endless list. The Japanese McDonald’s menu was amazing of course. Here are some fun things we tried in Tokyo.

One thing I noticed about the McDonald’s in Tokyo is that they are pretty snazzy. One burger I tried was the Eggu-Chee Burger. If you are someone that wants that Egg McMuffin fix but wants it’s during lunch on a burger, you are in luck with this one.



My wife tried the Sankaku Momo Peach Cream Pie. It had a pretty intense peach flavored cream in a pastry. It was a little too sweet for me. However I would eat one right now, if we are being honest. My wife was all about it, and said it was the best McDonald’s pie she ever had.



Another item that looked good that my wife enjoyed but I couldn’t get into was the Melon Ice Cream Float. Fanta Melon and McDonald’s ice cream. Perfect together? Sure, but also no. I thought looked it insane. I don’t know if you have sensed a pattern here, but my wife loves trying the adventurous flavors.

Good news, the fries are as perfect as they always are. You can set your watch to McDonald’s fries, they are exactly the same everywhere in the world. Another thing that we tried that did not vary at all was the Chicken McNuggets. Again, a nugget in Tokyo is basically a nugget in L.A. or Paris.

We couldn’t leave without copping a Happy Meal toy, which, to our excitement, was this awesome little 8-bit burger from this collection, that was as it was clearly and homage to the “Changeable’s” from the 80’s. VERY KAWAII.

Here is the video of our experience at McDonald’s in Tokyo. Enjoy!