The Los Feliz Murder House in Los Angeles ☠️


Murder in 1959 in The Los Feliz House

One of the single creepiest places in Los Angeles, isn't in some desolate haunted house on the outskirts of town. It's nestled in the coveted quaint area of east-ish LA called Los Feliz. The home had been untouched for years since the murder in 1959. The Los Feliz Murder House, located at 2475 Glendower Place, has been discussed on the Ghost Town Podcast, but for a more verbal deep dive on this murder mystery, I will leave it to Curbed LA:

"The story of the murder-suicide itself is more or less the same one that has been circulating on the internet for ages: at 4:30 in the morning on December 6, 1959, cardiologist Harold Perelson struck his sleeping wife Lillian in the head with a ball-peen hammer, then left her to asphyxiate on her own blood and he went into his teenage daughter Judye's room, where he struck her in the head with the same hammer. The hit was off, though, and Judye started screaming, waking the neighbors with screams of "Don't kill me" as her father told her to "Lay still" and "Keep quiet." Judye escaped, found her mother, then ran out of the house, found a neighbor, and called the police."

Perelson commited suicide around that time using a tranquilizer/acid cocktail. 





"Internet rumors say there's still a Christmas tree and wrapped presents left in the house from that night in 1959, trespassers have found Spaghetti-Os and Life magazines, and you don't have to look very hard for someone to tell you it's haunted. No one, though, seems to know why Perelson would've committed this horrible act, or why the house would be left to decay for more than 50 years."

Some photos pre-clean up:

Something about a chair in front of a stove makes me uneasy...

There is no doubt in my mind that this doll comes to life when she feels like it. 



No one is really sure why Perelson murdered his wife and attempted to murder his daughter. There was talk of financial issues, and I could imagine the stress of keeping up appearances, and dealing with mental instabilities could come a crossroads. The fact that he was a doctor with access to prescriptions could have been an issue. In the 1950's people weren't open I imagine to freely speaking about ANY issues, never mind those of a mental or emotional nature. 

New owners

Atlas Obscura discusses the next owners of the house" A year after the gruesome murder-suicide, the mansion was sold to a couple, Emily and Julian Enriquez, who only used the 5,050-square-foot house as a storage site. Neighbors recall seeing the couple bringing boxes to the mansion, but never staying overnight. In 1994, Rudy Enriquez inherited the house and, like his parents, neither stayed nor made any changes to the Perelson’s old decor."

Who are the Enriquez's? Why this house? Did they have any connection to it or the Perleson's previously? Why was it seemingly untouched for 50 years? 

The most current info I can find on the state of the house is from Atlas Obscura: the house was sold in July 2016 for $2.3 million as a probate sale.

A "fun" fact, the LA Murder House was the inspiration for season one of American Horror Story: Murder House. 

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