Pepsi AM Breakfast Soda Disaster

Pepsi AM Breakfast Soda Disaster

The Cola Wars raged in the 1980’s. Coca-Cola had its own disaster, New Coke. As for Pepsi, enter: Pepsi AM, a morning soft drink to compete with the coffee market.

It boasts a 28% more caffeine than regular Pepsi but still had 77% less caffeine than coffee. The test marketing began in August, 1989.

Pepsi AM along with Diet Pepsi AM, was test marketed in some places such as the Midwest, Phoenix, Arizona, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and New York. ...It didn't go well. People were not interested in a soft drink specifically for the morning. According to CBS News, "Pepsi has done a lot of brilliant things in their advertising and new products", said, Elliott Ross of New Product Works, but this was not one of them. According to AP news in 1990 Pepsi has stopped testing its extra kick Pepsi AM.

Although Pepsi will continue to test a marketing strategy aimed at its aimed at its luring coffee drinkers its regular Cola in the morning. One proposed slogan "Pepsi in the Morning".

In fairness, during that time, the percentage of soft drinks consumed in the morning had risen to 15% of all soda sales from 10%. the decade before.

Coffee consumption at that time had shown signs of declining. In 1990, Americans drank an average of 1.75 cups of coffee per person down from its peak in 1962, of 3.12 cups per day.

Today that number is up to an average of 3.1 cups a day. Soda consumption has been on the decline since its peak in 2001.