Top 6 Defunct/Abandoned Amusement Parks in the USA

Top 6 Defunct/Abandoned Amusement Parks in the USA

Original Article: Top 6 Defunct/Abandoned Amusement Parks in the USA

The sounds of laughter. The adventure. The roller coasters and attractions with children and adults alike reveling in the fun, the thrill, and the amusement. The kiosks selling all kinds of drinks and foods, sometimes those only specific to the theme of the park. 

Then something happens. An accident. Low visitor counts. A natural disaster. And the fun stops. 

There are plenty of defunct and abandoned amusement parks to be found all over the world, but today, we are looking at 6 theme parks in the USA that have been abandoned or are no longer in use.

Top 6 Defunct/Abandoned Amusement Parks in the USA

Here is a list of the most interesting and creepiest abandoned parks in America: 

1. Orlando: River Country 

River Country was Disney’s first water hillbilly-themed park that opened in 1976. It closed its doors in November 2001 because of 9/11 and the significant impacts the terror attacks had on tourism in the USA. 

Disney has announced that in its place, Reflections—A Disney Lakeside Lodge resort with 900+ hotel rooms and villas is set to open in 2022. 

2. New Orleans: Six Flags 

Popularly voted as the creepiest defunct amusement park in the USA, Six Flags has been used for the filming of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Jurassic World

It opened its doors to the public in 2000. The fun ended a few years later in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit. The park sustained major damage, and it has fallen into decay ever since; there weren’t funds available for initial repairs. 

At the entrance to the park, the eerie sign “Closed For The Storm” is still on display.

3. Princeton: Lake Shawnee 

This defunct theme park in West Virginia has a haunted past. 

The land Lake Shawnee was built on is where children of early settlers were murdered in the 1700s. 

The park was built in 1920 and closed in 1966. Six years earlier, while visiting the park, two young kids died, with a death total of at least six. 

If you are into haunted places, you can visit the park every October for Dark Carnival

4. Aurora: Geauga Lake Park

One of the few theme parks to operate in the 19th to 21st centuries, Geauga Lake Park, Ohio, was open to the public from 1887 until 2007. 

The park was popular for swimming and picnics when it first opened. It also had a race track, theater, bowling alley, Olympic-size pool, dance hall, and many attractions and rides. In 1925, the park built its first roller coaster, the Big Dipper. 

With some setbacks in the forms of a tornado and fire in the 1950s and 1960s, the park still flourished, despite SeaWorld opening across Geauga and changes in ownership. It was the final deal to sell the park to Cedar Fair that put the nail in the coffin. With rides being relocated and ride name changes, the end was in sight. 

5. North Dartmouth: Lincoln Park 

In Massachusetts, Lincoln Park opened in 1894 with a picnic area and grills. Later, wooden roller coasters were added. The Comet led to injuries in two accidents, while the ride also claimed two lives between 1960 and 1990. 

After the last incident in December 1987, the park closed. Many of the rides and attractions have been demolished. 

6. Beech Mountain: Land of Oz 

Also voted as one of the creepiest abandoned amusement parks, Land of Oz was popular in the 1970s when it first opened. 

With declining interest and a fire that caused a lot of damage, the park closed five years later. 

If you are brave, you can still visit Land of Oz in North Carolina around Halloween every year. 

In Summary 

Ferris wheels, attractions, and rides hold a lot of thrill, adventure, and fun. The amusement parks in which these structures are located hold the memories of everyone who ever visited. 

Due to natural disasters, changes in ownership, and declining interest, many of America’s theme parks are no longer in use. But the stories these parks tell, the secrets hidden within, and the possibility of seeing these apocalyptic sights will forever hold our interest. 

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